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Hilite Mall Thrissur – New Shopping Mall in Thrissur

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Hilite Mall Thrissur:- Thrissur, the state’s cultural capital and a major commercial hub, is currently constructing the HiLITE Mall.

The mall would offer a good selection of stores and entertainment options, and it would be conveniently located in the heart of Kuttanelloor, between NH 47 and SH 22. The mall would feature over 200 national and international brands over its 4 lakh sq ft of leasable space (out of a total of 7.4 lakh sq ft).

About Hilite Mall Thrissur

Thrissur, renowned as the cultural capital of Kerala, epitomizes the essence of God’s own country. The region known as the land of programs holds significant prominence as a prominent commercial and business center within the southern region of India. This region is widely regarded as the epicenter of Kerala’s thriving business landscape, attracting numerous prominent Malayali entrepreneurs who have established their roots here.

Thrissur boasts a diverse range of prominent industries, including power loom, gold, textile, tile, coir, timber, canning, oil, mills, and more.

This impressive industrial landscape positions Thrissur as the revenue capital of the state, further solidifying its economic significance. The prevailing circumstances have given rise to a segment of individuals who possess a considerable amount of discretionary funds at their disposal.

Hilite Mall Thrissur

Hilite Thrissur Exact Location

The HiLITE Mall in Thrissur presents a substantial investment opportunity that is poised to attract investors from various regions. Situated strategically in the prime location of Kuttanellur, nestled between the prominent NH47 and SH22, we find the esteemed HiLITE Mall at Thrissur.

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Total Area

This exceptional commercial establishment boasts an impressive total area spanning a generous 8 lakh square feet. Situated on a vast expanse of 4 acres, this development boasts an impressive 4 lakh square feet of leasable area. HiLITEMall Thrissur LLP offers a compelling value proposition by providing assured rental returns and the potential for capital appreciation for their esteemed project.