Malayankunju Movie Full Review – Fahad Faasil – AR Rahman Magic

Malayankunju Movie Full Review:- From the time on the off chance that its declaration, ‘Malayankunju’ was broadcasted as an endurance thrill ride. The creators had even cautioned the people who have claustrophobia to not watch the film. Be that as it may, for reasons unknown, ‘Malayankunju’ isn’t precisely a nail-gnawing endurance story. It is to a greater degree a person study and a transitioning story of an everyday person during a characteristic catastrophe.

Fahadh Faasil’s Anikuttan is an electronic machines repairman. Alongside his mom, he lives in an uneven region encompassed by sections of land of elastic manor. Anikuttan is presented as a hot-headed and transparently casteist fellow. There’s a justification for it and the story utilizes it really. The main half is dedicated completely on Anikuttan and his day to day existence. He does his maintenance works promptly toward the beginning of the day when his general surroundings is quietly sleeping. It is on the grounds that he could do without aggravations while working and, surprisingly, the smallest of sounds puts him off. With the appearance of an infant next entryways, Anikuttan freaks out. The child’s steady moaning angers him. This equivalent child’s cries directs and moves him to endure when he gets caught in an avalanche.

Like referenced above, ‘Malayankunju’ isn’t about Anikuttan’a endurance or how he figures out how to make it. The endurance segments are very much shot and you feel claustrophobic, yet it’s not holding enough. Maybe, the producers didn’t plan it to be like that. The attention is more on Anikuttan’s change when he ends up in an almost impossible situation, straightforwardly.

Fahadh Faasil is marvelous in the film and Anikuttan is one more wonderful expansion to the rundown of his best exhibitions. It is a treat to watch him paper such dark concealed jobs. While he without any assistance bears the principal half, AR Rahman assumes control over the mallet in the last half. In his rebound to Malayalam in the wake of 3 monotonous many years, the maestro utilizes his score to hoist a few groupings. He is at his best with the utilization of the repeat rendition of ‘Mannum Niranje’ sung by KS Chithra. Pulling your heartstrings is certain.

Mahesh Narayanan, who bends over as both the scenarist and cinematographer, by and by shows his true capacity and shows what him can do as quite possibly of the best ability in Malayalam film today. It’s anything but a simple movie to make a big appearance with, yet chief Sajimon shows his determination by assembling things perfectly. One more part of film that should be referenced is Jyotish Shankar’s creation plan — incredible.

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